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Danfoss VLT Automation FC302 380-480/500V 0.37-1.4MW

The VLT AutomationDrive represents a single drive concept to control the entire range of AC motor operations from standard to servo on any machine or production line.

The modular open-technology platform on which the VLT AutomationDrive is built makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable.

With the VLT AutomationDrive series we have intelligent plug-and-play technology and unmatched reliability making drive operation pure childs play.

Features and Benefits

Reliable - Maximum uptime
Ambient temperature 50 ̊ C without derating Less need for cooling or oversizing
Available in IP 20, 21, 55 and 66 enclosures Suitable for harsh and wash down areas
Resistant to wear and tear Low lifetime cost
User-friendly - Saves commissioning and operating cost
Plug-and-Play technology Easy upgrade and change over
Awarded control panel User-friendly
Intuitive VLT® interface Saves time
Pluggable cage clamp connectors Easy connection
Exchangeable languages User-friendly
Intelligent warning systems Warning before controlled stop
Smart Logic Control Reduces need for PLC capacity
Advanced plug-in features Easy commissioning
Safe stop Safety cat. 3 (EN954-1), PL d (ISO13849-1), Stopcat. 0 (EN60204-1)
STO: SafeTorqueOff(IEC61800-5-2) SIL 2 (IEC61508), SILCL 2 (IEC62061)
Intelligent heat management Excess heat effectively removed