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Motor Control Panels

K2 offer a panel building service for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of motor control centres.

Our panels have been supplied into the HVAC, food and beverage, bio & fossil power generation, transport and leisure industries.

K2 control panels are bespoke. They are carefully designed after full consultation with the client to guage the control requirements and specification.

Features and Benefits

Direct On Line Starting A basic form of motor starting, DOL applies the full line voltage directly to the motor terminals when the motor is required to run. This generates high current and a violent start.
Star Delta Starting A 400/690V 3-Phase motor starting for motors too large for use with DOL starters. A star delta starter applies the supply voltage to the motor in two stages to reduce current surge.
Soft Starting Soft Starts can be thought of as an electronic system offering the same benefits as a Star-Delta starter. The voltage is gently ramped up to full voltage at 50Hz giving a smooth start.
Variable Speed Drive Conrtol VSDs are connected in the same manner as a DOL starter, using voltage and frequency control to gently start and stop motor. A VSD can use frequency control to continuously vary the speed of the motor to match process conditions.


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