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Soft Starts

The majority of electric motors are fixed speed, fixed voltage AC induction motors. Using a modern Soft Start could save energy and should be considered when replacing motor starters or designing new systems.

With product size and cabinet capacity becoming an increasing focus we supply soft starts with the greatest power to size ratio.

Modern Soft Starts offer full motor overload protection, internal bypass control as well as an extensive input/output programmability to meet today's design criteria.

Features and Benefits

Graphical display and a logic keypad Programming is quick and easy thanks to the menu systems
Adjustable ramp times The best starting and stopping profile for the application is chosen
Full motor protection Motors can be used to their full potential without risk of damage from overloading
Internal bypass functionality Space can be saved, cabling costs reduced and retrofitting made easier.
Intelligent load based bypass when lightly loaded the soft start reduces the motor voltage, reducing the power absorbed