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K2 are specialists in the installation, service and maintenance of inverters running the AC motor in air conditioning equipment.

Our team of skilled and certified engineers have years of experience and knowledge. We will ensure the correct size and type of inverter is used for the application, we recommend the configuration and wiring, and will set the drive parameters for optimum performance. K2 carry out both industrial and commercial work.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Hard assets are hard to maintain – technology improves, suppliers proliferate and standards change.

K2 specialise in conducting asset audits to assess the installed AC motor and inverter equipment on a site and the risk its failure poses to the operation of the building. We report clearly each item’s condition, serviceability and if an opportunity exists to save energy/reduce running costs.

K2 are the preferred inverter drive contractor for many types of FM client – owner occupier, landlord/tenant(s) or landlord only. Our scalable Preventative Maintenance & Reactive Support contracts have been developed over many years and are available in-hours, out-of-hours and 24/7.


Danfoss FC102 replacement of VLT5000 carried out under contract

A guaranteed supply of cool clean air is critical to a hospital's smooth operation.

Hospitals and medical facilities need to ensure engineering requests are responded to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

K2 have many Guaranteed Response Hospital Service Contracts with planned preventive maintenance schedules to minimise interruption at a good service rate price point.

As K2 gain knowledge of the hospital's motor control systems their engineers can identify energy saving opportunities and reduce running costs.

Data Centres

Data Centre Refrigeration Plant

Hot data is bad data, keeping data servers cool is absolutely critical.

While many thousands of kW are used to drive the compressors, fans and pumps having a well serviced VSD control system minimises this energy overhead.

K2’s range of timed response Service Contracts ensure drive health checks and parameter setting optimization are conducted annually to ensure the correct and continued operation of the chiller systems. 

Food & Beverage

Beverage bottle delivery conveyor Danfoss Drive

The Food & Beverage industry covers the production, packaging and sale of consumable products. It includes activities like farming, packaging, distribution, marketing and retail.

As these activities become more competitive, dynamic and leaner, there is little room for production downtime, especially where time to market is critical

The widespread take-up of inverter control systems requires the up-loading and documenting of the inverter code to minimise downtime in case of failure.

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