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Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive FC102 380-480V 1.1-1400kW

Get even higher reliability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. The FC102 VLT® HVAC is fast to commission and delivers energy savings on compressors, pumps and fans to meet environmental regulations and reduce costs in all buildings.

Developed to meet HVAC needs it can be installed indoors or outdoors with enclosures available up to IP66 for some models and can control induction, permanent magnet (IE5) and synchronous reluctance motors.

The FC102 VLT® HVAC Drive is the perfect match for pumps, fans and compressors that are fitted with increasingly sophisticated control solutions and features a number of HVAC-specific communication protocols, such as BACnet/IP.


  • LCP 102 Graphical Local Control Panel

    Graphical Display for the FC102, FC202 & FC302 series inverters

    • Multi language display
    • Status messages
    • Quick Menu for easy commissioning
    • Parameter setting and explanation of parameter function
    • Full parameter backup and copy function
    • Alarm logging
    • Info button – explains the function of the selected item on display
    • Hand-operated start/stop, or Automatic mode selection
    • Reset function
    • Trend graph

    Ordering number 130B1107

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  • LCP Cable 3m

    VLT® Cable for LCP

    • 3m length cable
    • Suitable for panel mounting the LCP 102 and LCP2 display

    Ordering number 175Z0929

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  • Panel Mounting Kit with LCP

    • Graphical LCP (130B1107)
    • Fasteners
    • 3m cable (175Z0929)
    • Gasket

    Ordering number 130B1113

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  • Panel Mounting Kit without LCP


    • Fasteners
    • 3m cable (175Z0929)
    • Gasket

    Ordering number 130B1117

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    Operating the VLT® HVAC Drive frequency converter via a field bus lets you reduce the cost of your system, communicate faster and more efficiently, and benefit from an easier user interface.

    • PROFIBUS DP V1 gives you wide compatibility, a high level of availability, support for all major PLC vendors, and compatibility with future versions
    • Fast, efficient communication, transparent installation, advanced diagnosis and parameterisation and auto- confi guration of process data via GSD-file
    • A-cyclic parameterisation using PROFIBUS DP V1, PROFIdrive or Danfoss FC profi le state machines, PROFIBUS DP V1, Master Class 1 and 2

    Ordering number 130B1100

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  • VLT® DeviceNet MCA 104

    DeviceNet offers robust, efficient data handling thanks to advanced Producer/ Consumer technology.

    •  This modern communications model off ers key capabilities that let you eff ectively determine what information is needed and when
    • You'll also benefi t from ODVA’s strong conformance testing policies, which ensure that products are interoperable

    Ordering number 130B1102

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  • VLT® LonWorks MCA 108

    LonWorks is a fieldbus system developed for building automation. It enables communication between individual units in the same system (peer-to-peer) and thus supports decentralising of control.

    • No need for big main station (master-slave)
    • Units receive signals directly
    • Supports Echelon free-topology interface (flexible cabling and installation)
    • Supports embedded I/Os and I/O options (easy implementation of de-central I/Os)
    • Sensor signals can quickly be moved to another controller via bus cables
    • Certified as compliant with LonMark ver. 3.4 specifications

    Ordering number 130B1106

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  • VLT® BACnet MCA 109

    The open communications protocol for worldwide building automation use. The BACnet protocol is an international protocol that efficiently integrates all parts of building automation equipment from the actuator level to the building management system.

    • BACnet is the world standard for building automation
    • International standard ISO 16484-5
    • With no license fees, the protocol can be used in building automation systems of all sizes
    • The BACnet option lets the drive communicate with building management systems running the BACnet protocol
    • Typical areas where BACnet is used include heating, ventilation, cooling and climate equipment control
    • The BACnet protocol is easily integrated into existing control equipment networks

    Ordering number 130B1144

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  • VLT® General Purpose I/O MCB 101

    The I/O option offers an extended numbers of control inputs and outputs.

    • 3 digital inputs 0-24 V: Logic ‘0’ < 5 V; Logic ‘1’ > 10V
    • 2 analogue inputs 0-10 V: Resolution 10 bit plus sign
    • 2 digital outputs NPN/PNP push pull
    • 1 analogue output 0/4-20 mA
    • Spring loaded connection
    • Separate parameter settings

    Ordering number 130B1125

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  • VLT® Relay Option MCB 105

    Lets you extend relay functions with 3 additional relay outputs. The relay option fits into slot B.

    Max. terminal load:

    • AC-1 Resistive load ................................. 240 V AC 2A
    • AC-15 Inductive load @cos fi 0.4 ..............240 V AC 0.2 A
    • DC-1 Resistive load ................................. 240 V AC 1A
    • DC-13 Inductive load @cos fi 0.4 ..............240 V AC 0.1 A

    Min. terminal load:

    • DC 5 V ........................................................10 mA
    • Max switch rate at rated load / min. load ...6 min-1 / 20 sec-1
    • Plug-and-play principle, fi ts into slot B
    • Protects control cable connection
    • Spring-loaded control wire connection
    • Selection of relay functions in normal parameter settings

    Ordering number 130B1110

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  • VLT® Analog I/O Option MCB 109

    The I/O option offers an extended numbers of control inputs and outputs.

    • 3 digital inputs 0-24 V: Logic ‘0’ < 5 V; Logic ‘1’ > 10V
    • 2 analogue inputs 0-10 V: Resolution 10 bit plus sign
    • 2 digital outputs NPN/PNP push pull
    • 1 analogue output 0/4-20 mA
    • Spring loaded connection
    • Separate parameter settings

    Ordering number 130B1125

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  • VLT® 24 V DC Supply Option MCB 107

    The option is used to connect an external DC supply to keep the control section and any installed option active by mains power down. Slot D

    • Input voltage range ... 24 V DC +/- 15% (max. 37 V in 10 sec.)
    • Max. inpput current .................................2.2 A
    • Max. cable length ....................................75 m
    • Input capitance load ................................< 10 uF
    • Power-up delay ........................................< 0.6 s
    • Easy to install in drives in existing machines
    • Keep the control board and options active by power cut
    • Keep fieldbuses active by power cuts

    Ordering number 130B1108

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  • Screw Terminals

    Screw terminals as an alternative to the standard springloaded terminals.

    • Pluggable.
    • Terminal name is described.

    Ordering number 130B1116

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  • Kit for panel through mount

    Mounting kit for external cooling of the heatsink for appliances with A5, B1, B2, C1 and C2 housing.

    • The air conditioned installation space can be reduced.
    • Additional cooling may be omitted.
    • No contamination of electronics by forced ventilation.
    • Facilitates integrated assembly.
    • Reduced cabinet depth/less space.
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  • VLT Brake Resistors

    Energy generated during braking is absorbed by the resistors, protecting electrical components from heating up. Danfoss brake resistors cover the full power range.

    • Quick braking of heavy loads.
    • Braking energy is only absorbed into the brake resistor.
    • External mounting makes it possible to use the generated heat.
    • All necessary approvals are available.
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  • USB Extension

    USB extension for IP 55 and IP 66 enclosures. Makes the USB connector available outside the drive. The USB extension is designed for mounting in a cable gland in the bottom of the drive, which makes PC communication very easy even in drives with high IP rating.

    USB extension for A5-B1 enclosures, 350 mm cable, ordering number 130B1155
    USB extension for B2-C enclosures, 650 mm cable, ordering number 130B1156

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  • IP21/Type 12 (NEMA1) Kit

    The IP21/Type 12 (NEMA1) kit is used for installation of VLT drives in dry environments. The enclosure kits are available for frame sizes A1, A2, A3, B3, B4, C3 and C4.

    • Supports VLT drives from 1.1 to 90kW.
    • Used on standard VLT drives with or without mounted option modules.
    • IP 41 on top side.
    • PG16 and PG 21 holes for glands.

    130B1122 for frame size A2, 130B1123 for frame size A3, 130B1187 for frame size B3, 130B1189 for frame size B4, 130B1191 for frame size C3, 130B1193 for frame size C4 

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Features and Benefits

All built-in - low investment
Modular product concept and a wide range of options Low initial investment – max. flexibility, later upgrade possible
Dedicated HVAC I/O functionality for temperature sensors etc. External conversion saved
Decentral I/O control via serial communication Reduced wiring costs, and external controller I/O saved
Wide range of HVAC protocols for BMS controller connectivity Less extra gateway solutions needed
4 x auto tuned PID’s No external PID controller needed
Smart Logic Controller Often makes PLC unnecessary
Real Time Clock Enables daily and weekly settings
Integrated fan, pump and compressor functionality i.e. Saves external control and conversion equipment
Fire Override Mode, Dry run Detection Constant Torque etc. Protects equipment and saves energy
Back-channel cooling for frame D, E and F Prolonged lifetime of electronics
Save energy – less operation cost
Automatic Energy Optimizer function, advanced version Saves 5 – 15% energy
Advanced energy monitoring Overview on energy consumption
Energy saving functions i.e. flow compensation, sleep mode etc. Saves energy
Unequalled robustness – maximum uptime
Robust single enclosure Maintenance-free
Unique cooling concept with no ambient air flow over electronics Problem-free operation in harsh environments
Max ambient temp. 50 ̊ C without derating No external cooling or oversize necessary
User-friendly – save commissioning and operating cost
Smart start Quick and precise start-up
Awarded graphical display, 27 languages Effective commissioning and operation
USB plug and play connection Easy to use PC software tools
Global HVAC support organisation Local service – globally
Built-in DC coils and RFI filters – no EMC concerns
Integrated DC link harmonic filters Small power cables. Meets EN 61000-3-12
Integrated EMC filters Meets EN 55011 Class B, A1 or A2